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  Emergency Management

Andrew Rindelaub, Emergency Management Director

  Andrew Rindelaub
   Emergency Management Director

Phone: (605) 472-4591
Cell: (605) 460-4695

Please leave a message and I will contact you as soon as possible.

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  • For up to date flood forecast go to: National Weather Service Aberdeen.
    Click on "Lakes and Rivers" (middle of page)
    Click the square on the map where you want the information.
    If you have questions or need help contact me at 460-4695

  • LEPC, Spink County Local Emergency Planning Committee meetings
    are held four times a year. Due to scheduling, the dates for the meetings vary.
    Meetings are posted on Spink County EM Facebook page.
    For information on future meetings feel free to call 460-4695

Facebook icon Check the Spink County EM page for more information.

- FEMA Meeting 7-9-2019 Forms -

Points to remember about a federal disaster declaration:

  • There is no guarantee of federal disaster funding.
  • Homeowners should not expect federal disaster funding but instead should utilize insurance proceeds and voluntary agency assistance for recovery.
  • Funding for damaged homes through FEMA’s Individual Assistance program is much rarer in South Dakota.
  • Homeowners should document damage to their homes with receipts and photographs for insurance purposes.
  • Homeowners are encouraged to report home damage to their county emergency manager so officials have an idea of the number of affected homes in the county. This information will be shared with state emergency management officials as part of the assessment process. The state has to assess the flood’s impacts to private property and then has to request Individual Assistance through FEMA.
  • If a disaster is declared, FEMA’s Public Assistance program provides federal reimbursement to state, local, and tribal governments and certain private non-profits for damage to public infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, culverts, sewer lift stations, and powerlines.

Spink County Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan



Disaster Documents

  • Damage Assessment Site Worksheet - Roads and Culverts
  • Preliminary Damage Assessment Video Link
  • Guidance for Emergency Work in Topeka Streams
  • Topeka Shiner Map
  • Culvert Placement

  • spacerThe Office of Emergency Management is charged with the overall mission of protecting SouthDakota's citizens and their property from the effects of natural, man-made, and technological disaster. To fulfill this mission, the Office recognizes and utilizes the four phases of emergency management:
    • Preparedness (planning, training, and exercising on how to respond to an emergency)
    • Response (coordinating activities and resources as the emergency is evolving)
    • Recovery (assisting the local jurisdiction to return to a normal lifestyle)
    • Mitigation (ways to reduce or eliminate loss if the same event occurs again)

    Some programs supported by the Spink County Office of Emergency Management:
    • Citizen Corps / Community Emergency Response Teams
    • Hazardous Materials Response and Training
    • Responder Training
    • Responder Exercise
    • Sky Warn / Severe Weather Watch Program
    • Pre Disaster Mitigation
    • National Flood Insurance
    • FEMA Liaison
    • Local Emergency Planning Committee

    Contact Information
    Spink County Emergency Management
    Andrew Rindelaub, Director
    210 E 7th Avenue
    Redfield SD 57469-1299

    Phone: (605) 472-4591
    Fax:     (605) 472-4592
    Cell:     (605) 460-4695

    Office Location: Courthouse – 1st Floor

    Please leave a message and I will contact you as soon as possible.

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